My Point of View: The truth about the impeachment process

Published 9:28 pm Monday, October 14, 2019

My Point of View by John Forman

John Forman


This so-called impeachment process started by the Democrats in the House has a strange smell to it! Was there a vote of the full House to impeach the president? The answer is no! Then how did it start? Nancy Pelosi called a news conference and announced that the House would start hearings on impeaching the president. Nancy then moved the impeachment investigation to Adam Schiff’s committee in the House. During Schiff’s opening statement of the committee investigation, Schiff proceeded to lie about what he found in the transcript of the president’s call to the president of the Ukraine. When called out on the lies, he claimed it was a parody, you know like Saturday Night Live? As far as I can see, this opening statement set the tone of Congressman Schiff’s committee investigation, and it was going to be based on the outline provided by a comedy show. They allow hearsay testimony without corroborating evidence. They call witnesses in closed-door sessions without allowing rebuttal by the president, then leak whatever they want to a willing press that enjoys their part in the comedy show.

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The Minneapolis paper had a headline that said former state department official testified in closed-door session and then the paper gave quotes of what she said. Of course we can’t see what she said and in what context because it was a closed-door session so it is up to us to decide if this is a Saturday Night Live parody of what she said or really what she said. The new Democrat play book seems to be spread as many rumors as you can and hope people will get confused about what is true and what is a rumor.

As I recall, Congressman Schiff was the one who said he had undeniable proof that President Trump colluded with the Russians, but when asked to produce it, he could not produce the evidence. The Democrat’s impeachment efforts to this point have nothing to do with a hunt for the truth and are really about the politics of the 2020 election. Schiff has been caught in another lie. He claimed no contact with whistle blower on the Ukraine call by him or his staff, and now we find out the staff probably helped the whistle blower write his claims.

We now need to turn to Rep. Jim Hagedorn and his support for farmers. Hagedorn supports the trade deal between the USA, Canada and Mexico. Republicans are a minority in the House and Democrats are holding up the deal for fear it would help farmers before the election. The Democrats want the farmers to continue to suffer for their support of the president in the last election and hope they will support the Democratic candidate to get back on the party’s good side. Let’s look back at the farm prices and when they began their slide. At the beginning of Democratic President Obama’s second term in 2012, corn was at $7.99 per bushel and beans were at $16 per bushel. When Obama left office at the end of 2016, corn was at $3.52 per bushel and beans were at $8.89 per bushel. Did you hear Democrats claiming the president was able to control prices and the decline was all Obama’s fault? They pointed to other market forces that influenced prices then, but do not acknowledge them now. The Democrat plan would be to go back to letting the Chinese ignore trademark and patent laws and to a system that was killing investment in the U.S. economy.

John Forman is a member of the Freeborn County Republican Party.