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Editorial: Tribune Thumbs

To the Senate Capital Investment Committee.

Thank you to the Senate Capital Investment Committee for taking time to stop in Albert Lea this week to hear about a few big Albert Lea projects that need state funding to become a reality.

The first project, which involves flood mitigation on East Main Street in Albert Lea, has worsened over the years and has the opportunity to get corrected when the state completes in mill and overlay in the near future.

The road has been closed numerous times in recent years because of flooding, sometimes for only a few hours or a day and other times as much as 13 days in 2016. When this happens, it not only affects businesses in that area, but all other traffic coming through town on the city’s main east and west corridor.

The second project would be for funding to finish the final stretch of the Blazing Star Trail over Albert Lea Lake and bring to close a project that has been in the works for several years. This trail will be an attraction and asset, not only for local residents but also visitors from out of town.

City leaders also briefly mentioned plans for the Blazing Star Landing.

We encourage the committee to take these projects seriously and support them when bringing forward proposals for a bonding bill.


To crimes reported in the last week.

It’s always a little unsettling to hear about crimes involving guns, and this week there were two incidents that came before the Albert Lea Police Department in this category.

In the first, police were alerted after hearing reports of shots fired on Eighth Street near Frank Hall Drive, and casings were found in the street.

In the second case, on Eighth Avenue, police responded to an armed home invasion, where one of the suspects had a handgun. Two suspects reportedly broke into a home, assaulted residents inside and demanded money before leaving.

Police are looking for information in both cases, and people can call the department at 377-5200 with information.


To snow and cold weather in early November.

Mother Nature brought in some snow this week, and if that weren’t bad enough, there’s been abnormally cold temperatures, too, for this time of year. The high temperature Thursday only reached 21 degrees, while the normal high is 48. Though the temperature is expected to reach 40 degrees on Saturday, it will move down in the following days to 16 degrees for the high on Monday and 1 degree overnight Monday.

Bundle up folks. Winter has arrived.