Letter: Hagedorn spoke up for women

Published 10:14 pm Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Recently, Emma Fuhrman wrote a letter to the editor attacking Congressman Jim Hagedorn for “spouting hateful rhetoric about transgendered women participating in collegiate sports.”

Fuhrman’s letter was yet another out-of-context, untrue DFL talking points smear of Rep. Hagedorn, a seemingly recurring theme.

Here are the facts: Hagedorn recently posted an article on Facebook that highlighted how a transgender, biological male runner had been named NCAA female athlete of the week.

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These are Congressman Hagedorn’s actual words:

“This is the nonsensical stuff Democrats are mandating. Biological boys/men have no business competing in women’s sports. It is unfair for ladies … and in many ways liberals are destroying competitive women’s sports across the nation. I voted against the House Democrat bill designed to mandate this unfairness.”

There is nothing hateful about that. Congressman Hagedorn simply stated his policy position that we should not allow biological boys to compete against girls/ladies in competitive sports, and then informed people that he voted in Congress to back up his position.

Evidently, Democrats have moved so far left, they are abandoning the hard fought gains for women’s rights in favor of transgender rights. Rep. Hagedorn is correct to speak up for women and defend the integrity of competitive women’s sports. As a female athlete and coach, I fully support his commonsense position.

Rebecca Loose