Letter: Impeachment is a serious matter

Published 7:11 pm Friday, November 29, 2019

Jennifer Vogt-Erickson, in response to your column of Nov. 18, 2019:

Jennifer, the Trump collusion with Russia lies have already been proven to be phony and unfounded. “Trump is now promoting a conspiracy theory that Ukraine, not Russia, interfered in the 2016 election.” Where did you hear this? I can’t find news accounts of this in any reliable news media. And “It’s a Kremlin-driven narrative?” Do you have sources to document this? Your ridiculous assertions and inferences are just that.

In addition to the legal immigrants to our country, we have up to 30 million illegal aliens. How many aliens do we need to allow in order to be “generous”? Less immigration during the Obama years is due to ending the immigration lottery, better vetting for possible terrorist and less illegal immigration at the Mexico border. I know these rational measures upset your liberal hopes for open borders. Your “white nationalist” reference was typical pathetic race card smear inference.

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Climate change is political hoax. Liberals are using fear-mongering to raise money, raise taxes and gain more control of our lives. The earth is 3.5 billion years old and you claim 100 years of climate data show impending doom? Liberals claim .013 of 1% change in carbon dioxide is causing climate change. There are literally a million factors which influence our weather/climate; thus it is ludicrous to think this slight change would cause an even detectable difference. Oh, and by the way, CO2 puts the fizz in our soda pop. Politicians have put our country $22 trillion in debt, yet you liberals claim you can stop climate change?

Your hatred and salivating to remove Trump form office is pathetic. Read the transcript, Jennifer. Where is the crime? The Ukraine president said there was no quid pro quo or anything improper. President Trump said there was nothing improper. No aid was threatened to be withheld, nor withheld.

No doubt the impeachment hearings have been fixed by the Democrats. They have promised to impeach the president since the day he was elected. It is the responsibility of the Judiciary Committee to hold impeachment hearings, not the oversight committee. Democrats are withholding witnesses requested by the Republicans, interfering with Republicans trying to question (supposed) witnesses and refusing to name the whistle blower. None of the witnesses have offered any evidence beyond hearsay.

Do you think we can impeach a president based on hearsay and an anonymous person, Jennifer? Impeachment is a serious matter. Our forefathers did not intend for it to be used as a political tool.

Democrats support abortion, socialism, government health care for $30 trillion, climate change scam, higher taxes, open borders, amnesty for illegal aliens, oppressing First and Second Amendments rights, etc. Democrats are not a good choice for America, Jennifer!

Marlin Johnson

Albert Lea