Letter: Some thoughts on the health care situation in Albert Lea

Published 7:52 pm Monday, November 18, 2019

Perhaps this should be two letters. I saw the “Freaky Friday” play at the high school and thought it was wonderful. The kids were so enthused.

Also, the letter from Peggy Olson on Nov. 9 was a surprise. I can’t imagine going into my provider and saying, “you’re good enough for me now, but when someone better comes along, I will leave you.” Perhaps you may not like your new provider — then where will you go? I had not heard of the signed agreement she mentioned. I thought her letter was well thought out. Each and everyone of us should be grateful to have medical attention and a large employer in Albert Lea. When MercyOne comes, we will add another medical group and employer in town and perhaps then everyone will  be satisfied. I am upset about losing the hospital. I certainly appreciated being able to go two miles when my husband needed care.   

Virginia Sorenson

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Albert Lea