Letter: It’s time for new thinking

Published 7:00 pm Thursday, December 19, 2019

In 2014, then-candidate Hagedorn said: “I’m one of those people that thinks, every once and awhile in Washington, you need some new blood, you need some new thinking, you need someone that’s going to go out there and challenge the establishment … and start doing what the people want.”

Apparently he’s changed his mind since then, because while he’s been in office, he’s sold out the people of southern Minnesota and cozied up to the special interests that control Congress. He’s taken money from big drug companies and voted against lowering the cost of prescription drugs (twice). He received campaign donations from massive oil conglomerates and stood by for too long while these companies were bailed out on the backs of farmers. Instead of using his office to unite southern Minnesotans, Mr. Hagedorn has shouted down and fought with constituents, and he’s been the least productive member of the Minnesota Congressional delegation. In fact, it took him 264 days to introduce his first piece of legislation.

I agree, Congressman. “It’s time for some new blood, (and) some new thinking.” That’s why, in 2020, I’ll be supporting Dan Feehan for Congress.

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Dan is a veteran and former teacher. He fought for our freedom in Iraq and empowered the next generation in the classroom. Dan understands that the powerful, dark-moneyed interests have enough representation in D.C. He knows it’s time for our representative from southern Minnesota to put the people first. This election, I’m voting for Dan Feehan, because Congressman Hagedorn is right: “it’s time for new thinking.”

Michelle Parsneau