Letter: Hagedorn not voting in the best interests of the 1st District

Published 8:15 pm Thursday, January 9, 2020

In a recent letter to the editor, Aaron Farris suggested that no candidate is perfect — I couldn’t agree more; Congressman Hagedorn is not only far from perfect, he’s actively working against the interests of our district.

Congressman Hagedorn has and will continue to diminish and divide southern Minnesotans, but he does so to distract from his spineless leadership. So let’s review his record:

First, Representative Hagedorn has received an astounding $36,000 from out-of-state drug companies and then proceeded to vote against lowering the cost of prescription drugs, twice. He’s sold out southern Minnesotans in favor of the insurance executives that cut checks to his campaign. If that wasn’t hurtful enough, Representative Hagedorn was also the only member of the entire Minnesota delegation who refused to stand up for those with pre-existing conditions and protect MinnesotaCare.

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Second, Representative Hagedorn is the least productive member of Minnesota’s Congressional Delegation, refusing to form bipartisan coalitions and accomplish anything legislatively for southern Minnesotans. In fact, it took Representative Hagedorn 264 days to introduce his first bill. The average for the rest of the delegation is 33.4 days.

Finally, while Congressman may have been too busy urging supporters to draft letters to the editor on his behalf or arguing with constituents on Facebook, Highway 14 remains unfinished. With his feeble leadership, our district was not able to secure the federal funds we needed to address a critical infrastructure need.

Instead of getting down to work for our district, Congressman Hagedorn has been more interested in playing political games and waging a war of words on Facebook. Fortunately, his constituents have noticed and will vote accordingly.

Ted Myers

Albert Lea