Nearly 11% of Minnesota REAL ID ready

Published 8:12 pm Thursday, January 9, 2020

While more Minnesotans are now REAL ID ready, there are about 3.7 million Minnesota license holders who will need to decide if they need a REAL ID or other acceptable form of identification before the federal deadline Oct. 1, according to a press release.

Approximately 10.72% of Minnesota driver’s license and identification card holders have a REAL ID-compliant driver’s license or ID card. That’s up 2% since Nov. 1.

The federal REAL ID Act full enforcement deadline of Oct. 1 is less than nine months away. As of that date, Minnesotans will not be able to use their standard driver’s license or ID card to board domestic flights or enter federal facilities. Instead, they will need a REAL ID, enhanced driver’s license or ID card, passport or passport card or another acceptable form of identification for federal purposes.

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“This is good progress, but there are still many Minnesotans who will need a REAL ID come Oct. 1, 2020,” said Minnesota Department of Public Safety Driver and Vehicle Services Director Emma Corrie. “Don’t wait. If you want a REAL ID to fly later this year, apply for one now, and make sure you have everything you need before you visit an office.”

The best way to make sure applicants for a REAL ID or other license type have everything they need before they visit a driver’s license office is to pre-apply online at, the release stated. This feature allows Minnesotans to enter a significant portion of their application online, reducing the time they spend in the office. It also lists the required documents for each license type so applicants can have all necessary documents ready when they visit their local office.