Letter: A tribute to Darrel Amundson

Published 8:58 pm Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Darrel is wonderful, to say the least, and should always be invited if you’re having a feast!

His devotion and dedication to the air is always uplifting, even if he may feel despair.

With more wisdom in music and musicians than most,

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Kate Radio and Hanson Tire could not have found a better host.

Oh! And how he makes the party line so fine.

Helping so many all the time is quite divine.

Thank you from the hearts of many that listen,

To the man with sweet wisdom and eyes that glisten.

Also talented in cooking and baking and his band,

God seems to have blessed him with an extra hand.

Darrel does the greatest job and if he left, we would all sob.

There are so many people loving and liking this very talented Nork Viking!

God’s poetess,

Reta Bakke Draayer

Albert Lea