Campus notes

Published 9:00 am Saturday, February 29, 2020

Riverland Community College releases honors lists

Riverland Community College has announced the names of students whose academic achievement placed them on the 2019 fall president’s and dean’s lists.

To be eligible for the president’s list, students must have completed 12 credits per semester with letter grades and have earned a grade-point average of 4.00 on a 4.00 scale. Area students named to the president’s list were Allison Dulitz, Dominica Eckstrom, Laura Flaherty, Jose Garcia Vidal, Caleb Hanson, Kathy Hanson, Mikayla Hillman, Jaeda Koziolek, Tony Rogness, Zoe Sadauskis, Stephen Samudio and Pamela Tovar of Albert Lea; Makenzi Rhoades and Kathryn Root of Ellendale; Madelyn Drenth of Hollandale; Abigail De La Fosse, Aubrey Schlinger and Sheila Wenzel of New Richland; and Becky Widman of Wells.

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To be eligible for the dean’s list, students must have completed 12 credits per semester with letter grades and have earned a GPA of 3.25 to 3.99 on a 4.0 scale. Area students named to the dean’s list were Salestina Alitz, Eric Ambriz Gutierrez, Makayla Anderson, Megan Ball, Servando Baltazar, Shawn Biggins, Kendall Bolinger, Dalton Bradley, Hannah Conn, Ava Corey-Gruenes, Ethan Dahl, Sarah Darby, Bo David, Santos Davila, Traw Daw, Dane Duenes, Misty Dugstad, Jamaira Escobar, Chasity Eustice, Grant Forman, Alejandro Garcia-Pimentel, Billy Green, Evaristo Guerra, Shelby Hanson, Tyler Hanson, Andrew Harte, Alexi Heavner, Braden Heavner, Charles Helleksen, Heidi Howden, Hannah Huisman, Chelsea Janssen, Kristopher Manges, Elijah Marks, Wyatt Miller, Jacob Moffitt, Jazmin Morales Lazaro, Ryan Morrison, Isaac Moyer, Tierney Murtaugh, Carissa Nelson, Amanda Nicholson, Cassandra Oman, Melissa Palma Hernandez, Madelyne Perez-Kirsch, Alexis Pestorious, Ellie Reichel, Emma Renchin, Wendy Rivera, Say Shee, Lacey Sorrell, Kristi Swalve Hantelman, Aline Teran Lazaro, Rachel Thompson, Vincent Trent, Daisy Turrubiartes, Giselle Turrubiartes, Mackayla Udermann, Katelyn Uthke, Jake Weitzel, Ashley Willett, Billy Williams and Ashlyn Yost of Albert Lea; Rachel Guenther, Luther Langrud, Autumn Soost and Tracy Vokoun of Alden; Pablo Gaytan, Anna Kuiters and December Paw of Clarks Grove; Tirzah Michaud of Conger; Cole Broitzman, Benjamin Hughes, Hector Olmedo, Rebecca Pfenning and Gretchen Ramaker of Ellendale; Kelly Dobberstein of Geneva; Spencer Enger, Samantha Harty, Jocelyn Kluender, Tyler Lair, Sadie Saidla, Nallely Vazquez Perez and Shaun Willaby of Glenville; Emma Olson of Hayward; William Parks and Tatiana Tate of Hollandale; Sidney Hargis of Kiester; Melissa Schmidthuber of Lake Mills; Justin Laue, Tianna Mithun, Jacob Naser, Chancellor Olson and

Kennady Rice of New Richland; Sarah Berwald and Andrew Bram of Northwood; and Tiffany Cumming, Vincent Hawkinson and Mark Kibler of Wells.


Local students named to U of M-Twin Cities dean’s list

Area students have been named to the 2019 fall semester dean’s list at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, the university announced today.

To qualify for the dean’s list, a student must complete 12 or more letter-graded credits while attaining a 3.66 grade point average.

Students named to the dean’s list were Christopher Abrego, Hunter Gade, Emery Morua, Ryan Nelson, Jill Peterson, Kathryn Rasmussen, Allison Sherman and Claire Sherman of Albert Lea; Elynn Johnson of Alden; Ahnika Jensen of Clarks Grove; Jacob Nelson of Ellendale; Levi Kermes of Hayward; and Annamarie Andreasen and Annie Schroeder of Wells.