Editorial: Choose civility in politics this election season

Published 9:13 pm Monday, February 24, 2020

The 2020 election season is now officially ramping up in Minnesota with the party caucuses Tuesday and the presidential primary a week away.

Emotions are already strong for many people when it comes to politics, and things will likely only get more heated as the election season progresses.

Though some may choose to avoid talking politics with friends and family because of the strong feelings they invoke, others will jump in feet first both online and in person to share their views.

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To those who plan on jumping into the political discussion — or who may already actively be part of the conversation — we encourage you to remember to discuss things civilly and respectfully, especially when you disagree.

Remember, just because someone has a different opinion than you doesn’t mean they are a bad person or that they are any worse off than you are. It simply means they have a different opinion, which we are blessed to be able to express in this country.

Also, before you share any articles online as the election season moves forward, check and re-check your sources to make sure you are sharing credible, accurate information.

Be a responsible consumer of news and promote the same for others.