Letter: Remember what’s taught at church

Published 8:05 pm Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Did you watch the impeachment of President Trump?   What a farce. First of all, those far-right Republican senators wouldn’t allow all the evidence that showed Trump to be guilty as charged. Not that they needed it. There was more than enough evidence to give anyone with a little common sense that he was guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt. Those far-right senators sold their soul to the devil. There was only one deeply religious  Republican senator who wasn’t swayed to sell his soul. I believe those Republicans can give up their nickname now calling themselves the Religious Right. The worst part is there are some average Joes who will still  vote for Trump again. It is obvious they are impressed by Trump. He can go out and have an affair with a lady of the night and then hire a lawyer to cover it up by paying off that lady of the night to keep quiet. Trump’s attorney sits in jail now for protecting him.

Trump can’t be prosecuted because we have been told you can’t indict a sitting president.   Last week a minister had a letter to the editor in the paper.   He mentioned that he was independent, but he swayed toward being conservative. I don’t know how any minister can even think of voting Republican. It is so obvious that all the Republicans think of is taking from the less fortunate and giving to the most fortunate. I am guessing when they were a kid they went to a different Sunday School class  than I did. I was under the understanding that when you gave to church, the money went to help the less fortunate. Do you think anyone who preaches from the Bible and then votes Republican doesn’t realize they are selling their soul to the devil? Do you remember what you were taught in your Sunday school class? If you know a weak-minded average Joe who voted for Trump the first time and plans on voting for him again, try to forgive him. For they know not what they do.

I am still bragging. I didn’t vote for Trump.    

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Wayne Thorson

Albert Lea