Letter: Rights have been taken away in the last 50 years

Published 6:33 pm Thursday, February 6, 2020

The cornerstone of the U.S. Capitol was laid in 1793 by George Washington, and the building was occupied in 1800. Burned by the British in 1814, the Capitol was reconstructed in 1819. After many enlargements, it now occupied about 3.5 acres. Its dome rises nearly 300 feet. Interesting sections for visitors are the House and Senate chambers, the rotunda and the president’s room.

Breathtaking, a walking tour through Washington, D.C., the monuments, memorials and buildings were testimony to our Founding Fathers’ faith in God. The U.S. Constitution guarantees our right to worship God at home, work and even school.

It’s exactly what our Founding Fathers intended. Benjamin Franklin proposed that the constitutional convention of 1787 began each day with a prayer. George Washington hoped that all nations would, “acknowledge the providence of the Almighty God and obey his will.” Thomas Jefferson himself warned the new United States to never forget that their, “liberties are the gift of God.” “Praise be to God,” is inscribed in the capstone of the Washington Monument.

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“In God we Trust” is written over the southern entrance of the U.S. Capitol. The Ten Commandments are engraved in bronze on the floor of the National Archives, where the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution are displayed.

But, over the last 50 years, radical secularist judges have slowly taken away our rights. The Supreme Court has thrown out thousands of years of human history and basic anatomy to affirm homosexual marriage nationwide. Obamacare forced Christian organizations and businesses to pay for insurance that covers birth control and abortions.

Local governments have even demanded to review the sermons of pastors who’ve dared to speak Biblical truth about the sin of homosexuality. I’m afraid we will find ourselves arrested for discrimination if we refuse to officiate homosexual weddings.

Christian schools will be forced to whitewash their teachings to be more inclusive. The Equality Act, for example, could force school districts to introduce students to transgender theory as early as preschool. The Equality Act could do and practice: compel speech, shut down charities, politicize curriculum and harm children.

Thanks to Rep. Peggy Bennett, with Julie Quist of the Child Protection League, for making this area aware that, “sex education is a very personal and sensitive subject.”  Kindergarten children should be in school to learn the basics: reading, math, English and interactions with others.

Mavis Jacobs

Albert Lea