Letter: Feehan will work hard on education

Published 2:00 pm Wednesday, March 25, 2020

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I was the first to go to college in my family. Luckily, the Eveleth schools prepared me for college in the ’70s.My teachers challenged me, and they had high standards. Back then, our federal government was adequately funding education. I graduated from a four-year, private college with help from a Minnesota State scholarship and a music scholarship. I also received a National Student Defense Loan.

I had a work-study job on campus each year. Sadly, today few students receive adequate aid to stem the growing amount of student debt. Young people are our future. Dan Feehan agrees with me. That’s why I’m voting for him to become our First District congressman. Dan believes our K-12 education system must prepare our children to be adaptive learners throughout their lives in a rapidly evolving economy and society. Our children must have access to STEM, to the arts, to coding and to the power that internet connectivity and technology brings to the classroom.

Furthermore, our curriculum must emphasize civics and public service to ensure our young people grow up to be well-informed citizens of their communities. Teachers helped shape my future. We must support our teachers. Great teachers are the lifeblood of our educational system. As the husband of a public school union teacher, Dan knows this well. It’s crucial that we recruit, develop and retain a strong and diverse teacher workforce. Dan believes that every classroom must be led and empowered by teachers who are set up for success and compensated for the public service they provide. He will work on creative solutions to recruit teachers in shortage areas such as STEM, special education and in our rural communities.

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Dan will also support efforts in Congress to make sure teachers can sharpen their skills through ongoing professional development. Vote for a brighter future for our youth and teachers. We must always look to make the future better for those who come behind us. I trust Dan Feehan to work hard on education issues that affect all of us.

Donna Miller