Letter: Walz has shown leadership in COVID-19 response

Published 1:42 pm Monday, March 30, 2020

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Like many other people in Minnesota, I have been following the daily coronavirus briefings by Gov. Walz and his team. I am very impressed by the leadership of Gov. Walz, who is working to keep us safe. Fortunately, many governors in other states have also taken the lead to protect the people of their states.

This is in stark contrast to the confusion, mixed messaging and lack of leadership coming from the White House. The weeks of denial and the blame game coming from the Oval Office is continuing to wasted precious time and contributed to the situation we now face. Sadly, federal capabilities to deal with an emergency like this have been gutted. All the states have been forced to fill the void and deal with the situation in which they find themselves. Minnesota is fortunate to have a governor who can lead and make the tough decisions.

Joe Pacovsky

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