DIY: A doormat for all seasons

Published 12:02 pm Wednesday, August 26, 2020

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DIY by Kristin Overland


A quick and easy project that makes an entryway, porch or patio cozy and inviting. Simply change out the fabric covering with the seasons.

Kristin Overland

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What you will need:

17-inch-by-29-inch coir doormat

24-inch-by-36-inch rubber utility mat

4 large 2-inch safety pins

Large Zots

Scotch guard heavy duty water shield

2 yards outdoor fabric


Measuring tape



1. Pick the right size for your layered doormat and rug. You’ll want to use a fabric that is thick, like outdoor fabric or canvas. Get enough fabric so you have 8 extra inches of material on every side of your rubber mat.



2. Cut the fabric for your DIY layered doormat. Cut your fabric so it is about 8 inches longer than the rubber mat on all sides.



3. Now it’s time to fold the corners of your fabric so they fit the rubber mat. Fold each corner tightly toward the mat and fold in the ends, similar to wrapping a present.



4. Use a 2-inch safety pin to secure the fabric. You want to safety pin it so it’s easy to remove the fabric later to change the fabric with the seasons or holidays.



5. To secure the edges, put a couple Zots on each side between the fabric and rubber mat.




6. Now you want to be sure to seal the surface of your fabric since it will be exposed to a decent amount of dirt and rain.


Kristin Overland is a wife and mother of two who enjoys crafting, gardening and running.