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Editorial: Tribune Thumbs

To all of the new entrepreneurs in the community.

Though it takes a lot to start a new business at any time, we’re particularly impressed with the new entrepreneurs in the area who have launched their businesses in the last year and who have already had to weather a lot during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Albert Lea and Freeborn County are full of entrepreneurs, and we thank them all for following their passions and for taking a chance to bring the community new services or shopping options.

We featured two of these new entrepreneurs in the newspaper this week with The Candle Beesness and Belle’s Embroidery, and we will feature others in the coming weeks in the regular newspaper and in our Impact special section.

We are excited to see the entrepreneurial spirit alive and well in the area, and we encourage community members to support these entrepreneurs as they grow their businesses.


To visits in Minnesota from both major party presidential candidates.

No matter who you plan to vote for in the upcoming presidential election, you can’t help but notice all the attention Minnesota has received in recent weeks from President Donald Trump’s campaign and now former Vice President Joe Biden, as well.

Both men are planning visits to the state next Friday. Trump will hold a rally at the Bemidji airport, while the location of Biden’s stop has not yet been announced. 

With only about 45,000 votes separating Donald Trump from Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election in Minnesota, it’s no wonder the candidates are beginning to think of Minnesota as a battleground state.

We hope people use both men’s visits and the attention that the candidates are giving to the state as an opportunity to learn more about both sides and to make an informed decision heading into the polls in November.


To the death of a third Albert Lea Area Schools student in the last three weeks.

Albert Lea Area Schools announced Thursday that 16-year-old student Job Sanchez died Wednesday from complications related to pneumonia.

Job’s death was the third death of a student in the school district in the last three weeks.

The first, of 12-year-old Maddie Mann, occurred Aug. 26 from injuries sustained from an ATV crash, and the second, of 17-year-old James Amarosa III, occurred Aug. 27 after a car crash near Glenville.

Our thoughts are with the families of all three of these students and also with their friends and their teachers.


To sunny, warmer skies on the horizon.

After a week with cooler, rainy days, it looks like the weather is expected to rebound starting on Sunday with a return to the 70s and sunny skies through most of the week.

If this past week was any clue to what might be ahead, people better get out and enjoy the weather while they can, as fall is definitely right around the corner.

Take advantage of the hiking, walking, running and biking opportunities in town or check out a nearby orchard.