Letter: Is America irredeemably lost?

Published 8:06 pm Tuesday, September 29, 2020

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These peremptory exhibitions of destruction across our land fit together a puzzle for me and answer the haunting predicament we’re now facing in the USA. Is there some organized malfeasance of a clandestine nature hidden behind masks of the definable climate change, coronavirus, on the forefront now, and racial inequality following? Are we an unscrutinizing public with no consideration for the dilemma we’re facing? I think not!

I perceive an undermining menace that destroys the invariable institutions and civilizations that constitutes freedom and justice for all. America, once a beacon of light in the sight of the world to see is questionably altered and visibly shaken.

These insipid mandates denigrate life, love and liberty, which the constitutional republic and the Bill of Rights once stood for. I believe this battle is against conscientious, optimistic and independent God-fearing men, who’ve given way to a complicit, scientific approach to COVID-19. COVID-19 has pathetically marginalized human beings into a mindless microcosm — a mass of contagious, microbial bugs!

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Without liberty and individual moral convictions, the right of conscientious objections, we’ve become helpless victims, dependent on the authorization of social engineered scientists and physicians to save our lives!

Consequently, masks, quarantines and vaccinations are no sure salvation. No one on earth can avoid the inevitable. However, Biblical scripture assures us, “If anyone seeks to save his life in this world, he shall lose it. But if he loses it for Christ’s sake, he will preserve it for eternity.” (Luke 17:33)

In the testimony of Anita Dittman, a Holocaust survivor, she watched as Hitler’s 40,000 bodyguards, called SS-Schutzstaffel (literally, protective rank) tramped down the streets of Germany. Furthermore, orders of massive book burnings destroyed all opposing ideologies and philosophies, not lay underfoot in ashes. Revolutionists must divide to conquer opposition.

The battle we face today is for the righteousness of a republic to protect us against the mob rule of democracy. It is not the error of our initial Constitution, nor the failure of our initiated Bill of Rights, nor the theological construct of God’s Ten Commandments that have plagued us. On the contrary, it’s the failure of compromised men to uphold them.

“A Disciple’s Perspective”

There is no liberty bell to ring,

Without Jesus Christ as King.

There are no songs to sing,

Unless his freedoms ring.

There is no life to live,

Without the gifts he gives.

He who died to save,

Is life beyond the grave.

Janice Becker