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Letter: Start practicing what you preach

On Friday, a letter to the editor was submitted to this newspaper attacking my main street small business, Primrose Park, because my husband happens to be Congressman Jim Hagedorn.

I am disturbed and upset that this writer felt the need to drag an innocent minority and female business owner into a political attack against Congressman Hagedorn to try and win favor and curry votes for his Democratic opponent.

Our country is built on the American dream. It’s something I strongly believe in and take great pride in living.

On the day I was born, I was found abandoned on the back doorstep of a rural hospital in South Korea next to a garbage dumpster and left for nothing.

Fortunately for me, five months later, two loving parents from Minnesota adopted me and helped set my life on a path I respect, appreciate and take great pride in every day that I wake up.

For me, founding and operating my own retail store is something I take great pride in.

Like every other small business owner in this country, my business faced a horrible situation when COVID-19 hit. I had to shutter my store’s doors for three months, due to the governor’s executive orders. When I was able to reopen, sales were consistently down 60% and have still not improved. I invested my entire life savings to build this business; and I am proud of the clothing store and brand I’ve built. On Oct. 11, my business will celebrate its sixth year of operation. I hope my business will make it to see that very day.

I don’t see how applying for a PPP loan for Primrose Park and receiving $1,800, which did not even cover two-weeks payroll, would or should be any source of any political discussion regarding the race for Congress in Minnesota’s 1st District.

If this is the game the Democrats are going to play — attack a female and minority business owner, struggling to keep the business afloat — to try and win a political race, then I’m sorry, but, we truly are at an all-time low in politics.

The writer of this letter should feel ashamed for trying to destroy a person’s livelihood, like my own, because I happen to be married to someone they are trying to vote out of office.

The left always says: kindness wins. Then perhaps start practicing what you preach. My business and my life should be off-limits entirely in this political race.

At the 2016 Democratic National Convention, former First Lady Michelle Obama said “when they go low, we go high.” Well, I have news for all of you — the only party going low right now is the left, attacking someone like me, just trying to get through life and save her business.

Jennifer Carnahan