Paid political letter: Musings of an old man

Published 8:05 pm Friday, September 25, 2020

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As a proud American, I am becoming increasingly alarmed by the number of voices proclaiming that they are ashamed of this great country.

As a youth over seven decades ago, I listened to my father, an ardent Democrat, argue politics with his Democrat/Republican friends for hours on end. Their discussions were often boisterous, as they discussed the hot political issues of the day. These were bull-headed, cantankerous men, but they listened to each other. No one lost their temper, and they remained friends.

Many of these men were immigrants. They came to America for the promise of a better life, worked hard, expecting nothing from the government. They were proud, independent Americans. They would be devastated by many of their great-grandchildren’s Socialist vision for the future of this country.

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I enjoy debating diverse political points of view, but, sadly, such discourse has become increasingly difficult. You are either preaching to the choir or talking to an angry stone wall. Democrats appear to be angry all the time.

Why anyone would vote for Joe Biden is beyond me. In almost 50 years of public service, Joe has accomplished nothing, unless enriching his extended family is considered an accomplishment. American cities are burning, being looted and anarchy is running rampant. Joe’s silence is deafening.

I remember my father, well into his 80s, sitting under his favorite tree on a hill overlooking his farm, quietly saying, “Only in America, could a young vagabond from Denmark with an eighth-grade education, no family support and $20 in his pocket accomplish this.”

By this time in his life he had renounced the Democratic Party, stating “They’re a bunch of Bolsheviks.” Forty years ago he understood the Democrats were promoting the brand of Socialism he had left Europe to escape. My father was proud to be an American.

I was fortunate to come of age in the ’40s and ’50s as part of the greatest generation that ever lived. We learned to work, were free to dream, we were encouraged to spread our wings and reach for the stars. Nothing was impossible!

Over the past 40-plus years, America’s youth have lost their self-esteem and ability to dream. Academia has brainwashed them into conformity. Individuality is now scorned! This is the “You owe me generation.”

I believe President Trump is God-sent — warts and all, to prevent America from self destructing. Trump loves America and will do what is best for all Americans.

Without question, he has been the hardest-working, most transparent president in history. Almost daily he responds to the most abusive questions imaginable from the biased press. Imagine Biden fielding the same “gotcha” questions.

If you are a moderate Democrat, take an honest look at where the new radical Democratic Party is taking this country.

Are you sure you want to go there?

What do you have to lose by voting for Trump?

No one needs to know!

Your options are freedom or socialism!

Are you proud to be an American?

Don Sorensen

Albert Lea