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Tribune editorial: Just leave the political signs alone where they are

Over the last few weeks, stories have run on the Associated Press and reports have been listed in our own newspaper of people stealing political signs from the yards of others.

While we don’t hear exactly from the horse’s mouth in terms of why they would steal signs, it’s easy to speculate that these people have differing political leanings in a very combative time in American politics.

Regardless of how you lean or how you feel about the other side of the aisle, the fact of the matter is it’s not your place to tell others which way they should believe, and it’s certainly not within your right to simply walk on to another’s property and take their property. That right there is stealing and vandalism and law enforcement probably doesn’t care that you support Donald J. Trump or Joe Biden.

Taking a sign and getting rid of it does not make your perceived opinion better. It just means you are willing to break a law and that doesn’t make you better, it just makes you wrong.

A major problem in this political climate is some people are struggling to be the better person. It’s contentious and it’s negative and in the midst of that some people are finding it better to simply steal other’s property to make a point.

Harken back to decency and let’s try this again, and if that person’s sign bugs you so much, just keep walking, keep driving, keep going.

It’s that simple.