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April Jeppson: Make the next 4 years great no matter what

Every Little Thing by April Jeppson


Today I’m talking politics. My Facebook is filled with it. The radio is non-stop as I’m driving my kids around. Pandora is even loaded with the messages. At work people are talking about it. When I’m grocery shopping and talking to no one, I’m still berated with opinions in the form of masks and hats. Alone in my car I see bumper stickers, yard signs and flags. I get more political text messages than from people I actually know.

I got rid of traditional TV years ago because I couldn’t handle the constant push from the media telling me what I should think. What I should be afraid of, who I should like… I just had to get away from the noise. However, every couple years we have an election and even with my TV turned off, I can’t turn off the noise. I believe that it’s everyone’s right and responsibility to do their do diligence on every candidate and find the person that aligns best with their values.

April Jeppson

So here’s my current set up. I am constantly hearing people say that ‘so and so’ better not win the election because __________. Fill in the blank with various impossible scenarios. This is coming from both sides of the political spectrum mind you. There are far fetched uneducated statements and there are educated reasonable outcomes… both being shouted from the rooftops.

I finally had to have a conversation with my kids the other day because I could see that they were also hearing all the noise. I told them that the president has power, but not as much power as people give him credit for. No matter who wins the election next month, there is still so much in our lives that will not change.

You know what the president doesn’t have control over? My personal happiness. My family movie night and the way I make homemade pizza. The way my kids change the lyrics of popular songs to make them funny. The president doesn’t dictate the way I cut or color my hair. They can’t tell me what to plant in my garden. They can’t tell my neighbor Jim who he can or can’t give his tomatoes to. (and I’m really thankful for that)

I can still go for walks with my friends. I can still worship God in the way I choose. I can volunteer my time and help deliver food to the elderly. I can pick up litter in the park. I can talk to my neighbors. I can do so much good in the world. You can do so much good in the world. Yes, the president has power over some stuff, but if you see the big picture, we as individuals have so much more power to influence the daily lives of those around us. Go out and vote and make your voice heard, but at the end of the day, I’m still in control of my happiness and so are you.

There are so many nonprofits in this town that need your help. There are so many children without positive role models. So many elderly that are sad and lonely and would love to receive a letter or a card. Heck, I bet you have a co-worker or neighbor that could use a compliment. You want the next 4 years to be awesome? Don’t wait for some 70 year old man in Washington to do that. Get off your tush and make it happen.

Albert Lean April Jeppson is a wife, mom, coach and encourager of dreams.