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Letter: Actions may be legal, but they are offensive

Freeborn County Sheriff Kurt Freitag’s blatantly partisan endorsement of Republican Congressman Jim Hagedorn has caused us to discuss what we believed to be the role of sheriff as it affects citizens he or she serves. Sheriff Freitag apparently believes he is able to influence and persuade voters through his public television endorsement. My partner and I are capable of reaching our own conclusions regarding law and order and support of law enforcement and the Second Amendment. We have studied, questioned and devoted much thought to these matters. We continue to do so.

Does the entire sheriff’s department agree with Sheriff Freitag’s thinking and endorsement? If so, maybe the entire force should have appeared in front of our courthouse in uniform with the sheriff. Why not all the county officials, board members and employees, too? The sheriff’s actions may be legal, but we find them questionable and offensive.

Carol Gordon

Albert Lea