Paid political letter: Biden too unqualified

Published 8:06 pm Friday, October 16, 2020

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Musings of an old man:

Never in my life have the Democrats and the media worked so hard to destroy a man and his family. Their hatred of Trump is like a blood lust; it’s visceral and totally irrational! The liberal media is determined to destroy this man.

No, Trump is not perfect! Who is? Democrats despise him because he is not part of the “good old boys” club that controls Washington. Foreign leaders don’t like him, because he’s twisting their arms to pay more for their self defense and his goal to put America first.

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Against overwhelming odds, Trump has accomplished more than any president in my lifetime.

The radical socialist left has taken over the Democratic Party. They are bitter, full of hate and ashamed to be Americans. If America is so bad, perhaps they should leave!

I am voting against everything the Democrats currently stand for. A failed welfare system that enslaves its recipients. Socialism in all its forms, including government-run health care, guaranteed annual income, sanctuary cities, defunding the police, limiting free speech, curtailing Christianity, trashing the Constitution, redistribution of wealth, reparations, open borders, unlimited abortion, higher taxes, the Green New Deal and government control over every facet of our lives.

The global warming hysteria is an example. Earth has survived warming and cooling cycles since the dawn of time. Man cannot alter that fact! The proposed The Green New Deal will cost trillions, destroy millions of jobs with little or no impact on the climate. The cost of energy will go through the roof. The earth has been in a warming cycle since the last ice age. As the earth warms, agriculture will move north; as the seas rise, cities will be forced to move inland. No amount of money or effort will alter the tectonic evolutionary forces at work. Humanity will need to adapt!

Higher taxes sound great, as long someone else is paying them. Taxing corporations is a delusion. Corporations do not pay taxes. They pass them on to the consumer via higher-priced consumer goods. Raise corporate taxes and American-made products will become uncompetitive on the world market, resulting in fewer jobs and higher unemployment. High corporate taxes are one of the reasons much of America’s manufacturing base moved offshore.

“Corporate taxes are simply another hidden tax on the common man.”

Liberal governors using fear, paranoia and hysteria closed businesses, schools, churches, banning nearly everything in an effort to control their subjects. Dreams have been destroyed. Tens of thousands of businesses face bankruptcy, lifesavings have been wiped out. Yet COVID-19 continues to spread!

Joe Biden is the most unqualified man to run for president in my lifetime. Biden’s only real accomplishment in 47 years of public service has been to enrich himself and his family. If you were to really examine Joe’s record, you would find he’s often placed China ahead of the interests of the American worker.

The leadership of the Democrat Party in its current form is anti-American.

Don’t listen to the fear mongers. Vote wisely!

Please Google, the following: “The Accomplishments of President Trump Liberty Counsel 2020,” “How five members of Joe Biden’s family got rich through his connections,” and “Biden Islam Campaign ad.”

Don Sorensen

Albert Lea