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Paid political letter: Pray for the nation

The Vietnam War is a war in which 58,000 Americans died, hundreds of thousands were crippled and 25,000 disappeared into the limbo of the Missing in Action. Most of us in this country have never heard that some Americans acted as spies for the enemy during the Vietnam War, providing personal information about the POWs and their families to their captors.

Those returning soldiers, many of them still in their teens, had not wanted to go, but obeyed their country’s call. Anyway, they didn’t create the war; they only fought it.

Cruelty by the “peace” crowd calling them baby killers, spitting and throwing pig blood on their uniforms, these protests were deliberate and vicious. The activists of the peace movement had ways of finding out when casualties occurred. These peace activists called the wives filthy names and said their “pig” husbands (fathers/sons) deserved what had happened.

Vietnam — some wars are created by safe and comfortable politicians and wealthy businessmen for their own, often selfish, purposes. Democrat Johnson’s war lasted 10 years.

My heroes are the soldiers. I had six brothers, a son-in-law, brothers-in-law, uncles, nephews, cousins and my niece’s daughter in the Navy, who was honored as a captain in Washington, D.C., last week. I’m very proud of all the soldiers fighting in the Korean War and Vietnam.

Media bias in politics truth left out the promiscuous lifestyle of Bill Clinton’s lies about Gennifer Flowers 12-year affair and other presidents such as Kennedy and Johnson while serving as president of the United States.

Bill Clinton, as president, a pampered draft dodger, despised the Vietnam veterans. The commander-in-chief demonstrated in London, fall of 1969, Michael Kelly of the New York Times, reported that Clinton became a figure within the anti-war movement. Clinton also took a trip through Russia.

The “peace” at that time chanted speeches for the defeat of the American forces and the triumph of the enemy. The action of Clinton and other peace activists encouraged the enemies — who had taken such losses to continue to fight, causing many more to die. Clinton, and his pro-communist friends, added many more names to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (commonly known as THE WALL).

Millions of veterans arrived  on Memorial Day in 1993, asking Clinton not to come to the dedication of THE WALL, and he was not wanted at the tomb of the unknown soldier because of his hypocrisy during the war and his aid and comfort to the enemy.

Trump was not in office during the time of his marriages. There are lies about him not going to military service. At age 13, he was in military school, and he was not drafted. After college, Trump took over his father’s New York real estate business and turned it into a worldwide enterprise.

President Trump has signed the Veteran Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act of 2017. In 2019, Trump signed an executive order to help Veterans End a National Tragedy of Suicide Task Force.

Pray for our nation, and vote for President Donald Trump.

Mavis Jacobs Hanson

Albert Lea