Paid political letter: Trump has done much for country

Published 8:06 pm Tuesday, October 13, 2020

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President Donald Trump said, “We are brought up to know the value of a dollar and to appreciate the importance of hard work.” His grandfather died during the 1918 flu pandemic; his father, Frank Sr., went to night classes for building structures. At 21 years of age, he had completed construction of 20 single-family homes. During the depression, he opened a grocery store and later built apartments for Navy personnel, middle-income housing for retiring veterans. The largest project to date in Brooklyn, the $70 million residential complex was also the tallest and could be seen from 20 miles out to sea. Donald began tagging along at construction sites from the time he could walk.

Donald Trump, dedicated to making “America great again,” was born on Flag Day, June 14, 1946. At age 13, he was shipped off to boarding school. After five years at the New York Military Academy, he learned a lot about discipline and channeling his aggressiveness into achievement. His coach said, “He loved sports, baseball and had scouts from Philadelphia wanting to make him a pro, but he decided to go to college and real estate business. He received his Bachelor of Science in economics. In his real estate classes, he proclaimed, “I’m going to be the “King of New York real estate.’” Donald had dreams for New York City. He built the following: a convention center, Commodore Hotel, The Grand, Hyatt and others.

As promised, he would build Wollman and opened the doors two months ahead of schedule and $750,000 under budget. Olympic figure skating rink, the project not only proved Trump a fiscally minded businessman, but also hinted at his potential for cleaning up government spending. He shared his wealth of knowledge by writing 19 books. In his book, “The Comeback,” he detailed his 1990 near bankruptcy and how he bounced back, thanks to negotiations.

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He has had 50 different products, everything from menswear and home furnishings to bottled water. (In 2019, Forbes reported that Trump’s licensing deals made up $80 million of his net worth.)

“The Apprentice” in 2004 on television each week, more than 20 million Americans tuned in to hear him. Americans fell in love with the man who once had been a national punchline. Now, Trump was seen as a symbol of success. Upon winning the presidency, he could have taken a salary from our government and paid taxes.

American economy was built on capitalism, and it’s the strongest and most envied country in the world.

During the debate between Harris and Pence, it was reported that Biden said Trump was stupid and a liar who hadn’t done anything regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. With only two minutes to reply, how could Pence have made a rebuttal explaining that vaccines are expected by year’s end. Note to Biden: What have you built or done for our country in 48 years?

Vote for Donald Trump, who cares about our nation.

Mavis Jacobs Hanson

Albert Lea