Paid political letter: Trump is a proven leader

Published 8:06 pm Friday, October 9, 2020

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There is a lot at stake in the November election! I respect my Democratic friends, and most of them live fairly conservative lives. I would ask them to take a good, honest look at the hard left direction that the Democratic Party has taken in recent years. One case in point: When your party’s worst nightmare is a devout Catholic mother of seven, with towering legal credentials being nominated for the Supreme Court, it might be time to move on! Judge Amy Coney Barrett deserves the same measure of respect that the Republican Party gave to Justice Sotomayer and Kagan when they were voted to the Supreme Court.

It is frustrating that the mainstream news outlets have not been doing their job of vetting Joe Biden. When he has been interviewed, he is mostly lobbed softball questions, which reveal virtually nothing about his agenda for wanting to govern our nation. Trump bad, Biden good, is not exactly a platform that helps people decide who should be the next president! 

Some questions I wish the media would ask:

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• Would a Biden/Harris administration be supportive of our police and military?

• Support our Second Amendment rights?

• Condemn anarchy and violence in our cities and work to end it?

• Condemn violent Marxists groups like Antifa and BLM?

• Mandate a nationwide lockdown?

• Continue to support abortion on demand, funded by taxpayers?

• Protect our religious freedoms?

• Rescind the Trump tax cuts for the middle class? 

• Stack the Supreme Court with four new justices to assure a majority?

• Push through the Green New Deal that would cost trillions of dollars and effectively put an end to the fossil fuel industry and raise our energy costs to exorbitant levels?

• Support school choice in education?

• Support and defend the Constitution as it was written?

Like him or not, Donald Trump is a proven leader who has the grit and the backbone to take on the Washington establishment, whom he owes nothing to! His list of accomplishments in four years would fill an entire book. He accomplished more in 48 months than Joe Biden has in the last 48 years! Please join me in reelecting  Donald J. Trump for president, Jason Lewis for U.S. senator, Jim Hagedorn for First District congressman, Peggy Bennett for District 27A representative, and Gene Dornick for state Senate District 27!      

Scott Bute