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Trump visits yield no positive tests so far in Minnesota

In light of President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis, state officials on Friday warned that people who attended the president’s recent Minnesota events might be infectious without knowing it.

So far, though, the Health Department hasn’t confirmed cases directly from those events.

“Our teams are constantly looking for clusters of cases associated with any sort of group setting and our awareness is heightened because of the situation with the president. And we have not yet identified any positive cases at this point,” Kris Ehresmann, the state’s infectious disease director, told reporters Monday.

She cautioned though that even people who’ve tested negative for the disease should isolate for the 14-day incubation period if they feel they were in close contact with anyone who might have the virus. “A negative test is not a get-out-of-jail free card,” she said.

Active case trend at record high

The recent elevated numbers of newly confirmed cases have been largely driven by high testing volumes. The seven-day trend of active COVID-19 cases in Minnesota remains at a record high in the pandemic.

Hospitalization and intensive care admissions are still elevated but are down from last week’s peak. On Monday, Minnesota Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm said there were 367 people currently hospitalized with COVID-19.

That’s higher than in August when daily counts averaged about 300 patients, and also up from the first half of September.