Letter: Recipes from the mouths of babes

Published 8:08 pm Friday, November 20, 2020

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Hi, I am a voluntary preschool teacher for Albert Lea schools. My morning distance learning students (4- to 5-year-olds) dictated to me their favorite Thanksgiving recipes for our small group meetings via Google Meet. These are so funny, so I wanted to share.


Distance learning voluntary preschool student’s Thanksgiving recipes

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Bentley’s Turkey

Go to the store to get a turkey. Cut it up and eat it.

(Should I cook it first?)

Yes. Put turkey on the stove.

(How high should the temperature be, what number?)

At 40 degrees and cook until the stove beeps. Cut it up and eat it.


Miles’ Mashed Potatoes

Peel the potato, put it in a pan of water on the stove. Cook it, mash and eat it at the table.

(Do I eat them with the water?)

No, pour out the water.


Piper’s Tomatoes

Slice them and eat them. They are so good. But the tomato has to be really red with green stuff on top.


Izabelle’s Pumpkin Pie

Get a bowl, put eggs in, crack them first. Put a can of pumpkin in, stir with a spoon. Put it in the oven.

(The bowl?)

No, in a pie thing. Put it at a degree Fahrenheit until it beeps. Then it will be good. If you leave it too long, it will start smoking and that would be bad. Like when my sister makes popcorn in the microwave.


Aryahna’s Chicken

Put it in the microwave.

(How long?)


(10 what, minutes?)

I don’t know.

(Then what?)

Put it on a plate. Blow on it, now you can eat it.


Yaritza’s Waffles

Buy a bag of waffles. Put it in the toaster.

(How long?)

For this much (shows me inch with fingers). Then put syrup on top.


Brinley’s Gravy Beans (Green Bean Casserole)

Mix the gravy and the green beans.

(Where do I get the beans?)

(Brinley’s mom asks, “Do you want some help?”)


Green beans in a can. Put cream soup in a bowl. Put in pepper, mix it up. Add green beans, put in a baking dish. Put French-fried onions on top and bake 40 minutes.


Sofia’s Pie

I love pie.

(How do you make it?)

Refrigerator. Eggs … 

(How many?)

1, 2, 3. Put in blueberries.

(What about the crust?)

Circle (demonstrates by drawing big circle with finger). Put it in the oven.

(How long?)

5 minutes.


Knox’s Tacos

You put the meat on the oven until it’s brown. Then we put the taco shell in water (fry in oil) until it’s bubbly. Then put the taco meat inside the taco shell, with some cheese, lettuce and ketchup (taco sauce) and sour cream. Then close it up. Nom, nom, nom, eat it up and that’s how you have a taco!


Kane’s Pepperoni Pizza

We roll out the white fluffy stuff (pizza dough). Then you put the ketchup on it (pizza sauce) and put some cheesy cheese on it. Then the pepperoni pieces and shove it in that oven! We take it out and Mom burns her hands always. And then I shove the whole thing in my mouth and get a fat belly.


Tiffany Chrz

Albert Lea