Letter: There is much to be thankful for

Published 8:05 pm Friday, November 27, 2020

This is a tough year to be thankful, but I do have a list. I am 87 years old, didn’t expect to live this long and in reasonable good health — that’s No. 1. I do have a number of other things I am very grateful for, and I would like to share those with you.

I am very thankful for:

1. For living in an active community that when it has a problem, the people roll up their sleeves and go to work on it.

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2. For an excellent education system in Albert Lea that brings out the best in the people it serves.

3. For all the successful people who have left this community but never have forgotten their roots. Many have given back to help their hometown when it had a severe health problem. Thank you.

4. For a neighboring community (Mason City) who saw an economic and humanitarian opportunity in Albert Lea and has been an excellent partner.

5. For a country that can have terrible fights among its citizens but still offers the most opportunity and freedom in the world.

6. To a family that has had a few squabbles but share so much love between each other.

7. Finally, for a faith in Jesus Christ, which may waiver from time to time but always comes back to thanking him for dying on the cross for all the sins I have committed.

2020 has been a tough year, but during my lifetime there have been a number of difficult years. Our nation and community have always come through them stronger and more ready to face the next one. Thank you all for being a part of my life.

Alan Arends

Albert Lea