Letter: It’s a sad chapter in U.S. history

Published 8:29 pm Tuesday, December 22, 2020

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I have been following politics my entire life. The level of negativism and plain hatred currently being disseminated by left-wing radicals is something I have never witnessed before. I confess to being opinionated, but I will happily sit and calmly discuss pertinent issues of the day with anyone. The modern Democrat will not. As Americans we must find common ground or we are doomed as a country.

When President Trump shut down flights from China, the Democrats screamed racism. They laughed at him when he  announced Operation Warp Speed, which produced a vaccine quicker than any time in history. Yes, Trump has many flaws but he gets things done.

Never forget that it was Democratic governors who sent recovering COVID-19 patients to nursing homes, resulting in the deaths of thousands of our most vulnerable.

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I am considered elderly, but I feel it is my personal responsibility to take the precautions necessary to protect myself from this virus, not some government bureaucrat. The dreams and life work of tens of thousands of independent business men/women have been destroyed in an effort to protect the public. And yet the virus marches on!

No Democrat will admit it, but the 2020 election was one of the most corrupt elections in history. There is no question in the minds of half the American public that the election was stolen. I would encourage President Trump to continue the fight until the bitter end. Should Mr. Biden eventually be seated as president he will never be my president. I respect the office not the man.

Despite unprecedented efforts to remove President Trump from office he has accomplished more in four years than Obama did in eight. The left’s goal for some time has been to shred the Constitution. Trump appointed federal and Supreme Court judges that are Constitutionalists. In my eyes this alone makes his term successful.

Every workingman/woman and union member should thank President Trump for his efforts to curtail illegal immigration. The masses of humanity invading our country are willing to work for crumbs and have kept wages for American citizens stagnate for decades. Trump’s policies produced the lowest unemployment rates among citizens of color of any president in history until COVID conveniently struck, and for some reason, in the eyes of Democrats this virus is all Trump’s fault.

Trump did more to help the poor pull themselves out of poverty than any president in my lifetime. Ethnicity and creed played no role in his decisions — far different from President Obama, who played the race and victim card at every opportunity. Obama was an opportunist who fanned the flames of racial hatred. (My opinion!) But, the radical left-wing members of academia, who will write (rewrite) history, will portray Obama as the second man in history to walk on water. They will do their best to make President Trump’s presidency a negative foot note in history books. He deserves better.

This is a very sad chapter in the history of America.

Don Sorensen

Albert Lea