Letter: It’s time for sheriff to let it go

Published 8:30 pm Friday, December 18, 2020

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The sheriff of Freeborn County has announced again that he is not happy with the new salary that has been recommended by the county. It seems that since he was elected, he has never been satisfied with his pay. The position of county sheriff is an elected position, which has either a set salary or a salary range for the position. When you run for this position, you know what the starting pay will be. So, if you don’t like the pay range, then don’t run for the position. I have lived in this city and county my entire life and in all of these years, I don’t ever recall any of the past sheriffs in Freeborn County ever having an issue with their pay. If they did, it must have been minor and was resolved. Additional county funds did not have to be spent in negotiations. This has gone on for way too long. Our sheriff needs to let it go and accept what is offered to him. He is beginning to sound like President Trump, who cannot accept the fact that what he wants and what he gets makes him unhappy.

Paul Diemer

Albert Lea

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