Letter: Nov. 29 from a storyteller’s point of view

Published 8:04 pm Tuesday, December 8, 2020

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On Sunday, Nov. 29, bullets flying with a shelter-in-place order, a chopper in flight, drones dispensed and the SWAT teams in place, there was chaos all around erupting.

I found myself needing to ask a very pertinent question to one of the SWAT team members. I flagged one down while my knees were shaking. He came over, all 9 feet call, fully armored and a gun strapped to his side that looked to be bigger than me. I sucked in some air and asked him my question. Suddenly, he spoke in the most gentle, sweet way, that I briefly wished I was 20 years younger and I almost forgot my question. When I received my answer, he walked off into the sunset like a true hero.

All in all, the police and SWAT teams were magnificent.

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Jodi Bolinger

Albert Lea