Principal’s Corner: Communication will always be important

Published 8:00 pm Friday, December 11, 2020

Principal’s Corner by Johanna Thomas


Last July, the Albert Lea Area Learning Center celebrated the graduation of 32 students. One of the most important attributes these particular graduates will take with them is an increased ability to communicate in previously unconventional ways. 

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These students, as with all students since last March,  adjusted to communicating with their teachers and each other in a different type of format; remote or virtual communication.

Johanna Thomas

Our current generation of young adults certainly excels at the use of technology to communicate socially.  However, the learning curve of communicating successfully in a work or school setting versus socially while participating in a virtual environment has brought forth some increased communication challenges for both students and educators.  How they have adapted to these challenges has been the difference between success and a continued struggle for many current students.

The perseverance students have shown in meeting these challenges has been an honor to observe. Staff and students alike continue to experience humor, frustration, success and growth in making this shift. Reading, writing, speaking and listening skills are amplified in a virtual setting. 

Students, generally speaking, are ready to return to the classroom, but let’s not forget the value of what this experience has given us. These communication skills are important in all settings, and now we have had the opportunity to practice them virtually. These skills will carry forward to their post high school opportunities. 

Johanna Thomas is the principal of the Albert Lea Area Learning Center.