Letter: It’s time to restore beautiful Albert Lea

Published 8:15 pm Tuesday, January 5, 2021

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Sunday I was among the hundreds marching in our great city for the freedoms of being an American. Under God’s wonderful blue sky and glowing sun, the marchers shouted freedom’s slogans as they waved the Stars and Stripes of the USA. Thanks to the leaders who recognized our veterans and praised law enforcement, referred to our Constitution of the United States, recited our Pledge of Allegiance and recognized with a prayer of thanksgiving while pleading for guidance from our God on whom this nation is founded. These were the themes on which I was raised, learned in a classroom with teachers who had actually studied the founding of our nation based on Biblical principles.

Last week, early in the morning, I watched a book report on CSPAN. Sadly, tuning into the middle of the program, I did not get the title and author of the book. However, those chosen to give oral reviews agreed it is necessary to make sure our kids are not taught that Jesus is the way to heaven but reporting “there are many ways.” Parents, beware of what is being taught in our schools. Some of our grandchildren in a city only 60 miles away have been taught this. As a grandmother, I’m intensely speaking with them, giving them actual events that occurred during Biblical times, giving personal testimonials of God’s direction in my life, praying for and coaching them of truths to believe.

Questions overheard: One asked, “Where’s the mayor? Have any of you seen the city council members or county commissioners? An encouraging person interjected, “Perhaps our elected officials are secluded somewhere searching for new industries to locate here and rescue our city and county.” Though the conversation was in jest, maybe these questions could be forwarded to our local officials. What happened to the company that planned to build a plant to make cereals and snacks with location to be on Hershey Street?

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Albert Lea is a beautiful city along the southern tier of Minnesota. It’s sad that the loss of companies, during the past couple of decades, has lowered the tax base to cover all that’s needed. The rise of household taxes in the past two years has brought gasps among homeowners. Our sons found it necessary to relocate due to the lack of jobs. Others are saying they, too, regret having children leave due to the loss of available opportunities.

Citizens, it’s time to make a plea to our elected officials to make greater efforts to prospective industries to restore our beautiful Albert Lea.

Carol Bybee

Albert Lea