Letter: People are sick of personal attacks

Published 8:30 pm Friday, January 15, 2021

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Another week, another negative attack column by Democratic writer Jennifer Vogt-Erickson. In my last letter, I called for an end to the divisive personal attacks that both parties engage in. Of the last 11 “My Point of View” columns, the Republicans had four that focused negatively on the other side’s beliefs. For the Democrats, it was 10 out of 11. In response to my letter calling for political unity and kindness, Jennifer dedicated half of her column to attacking me. Classy. In regards to the issue Jennifer continues bringing up, she can read it how she wants, and I will read into how I did. The writer should have been much more clear with what he was trying to say so there isn’t this kind of disagreement. I still believe that the way I read it is what was truly intended, but I’m not going to continue wasting ink debating it. As for the Tribune’s suspensions rules, those were the rules for years, Jennifer. If I knew them at the age of 15, you should have as well. Lastly, I never lied or hid the fact that I worked for Congressman Hagedorn’s campaign, Jennifer. I’m proud to have been part of a positive and successful campaign that re-elected a congressman who’s delivering results for the people of southern Minnesota. I was never paid or encouraged to write anything for any paper by the campaign. Every column I wrote was from my position as secretary of the Freeborn County Republican Party. But, hey, why not make up fake incidents of “ethical lapses?” I truly wonder what’s next? I’m noticing a pattern here, so I’m sure I’ll find out what’s next in about a week or two. Last week, Jennifer, I extended an olive branch and asked for political civility in my letter to the editor. I still believe that our voters are sick of the personal attacks and most of the negative letters, articles and columns. It’s exactly like the Democrats and Biden supporters who, after winning, called for unity, and are now back to attacking Republicans and further dividing our country. Once again, Jennifer, I ask that we, moreso you after your last column, stop with the personal attacks and negative columns. I respect and defend your right to have and express your own opinion, but when you feel that the best way to express to voters what the DFL believes is to attack me, that’s a whole other level that I think demonstrates immaturity. Let’s simply tell the voters where we stand on the issues and help our voters enjoy learning where we stand on the issues. Honestly, I’m sick of the personal attacks, and I’m sure those of you reading this are as well. I hope the Democrats will say the same, but based on recent history (the last three weeks), it doesn’t seem that they have any interest in doing so whatsoever.

Aaron Farris

Albert Lea

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