Letter: We need everyone’s help to beat COVID-19

Published 8:30 pm Friday, January 8, 2021

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I certainly was not amused by the statements by Lisa Hanson this past week. Our governor has the tough responsibility to look out for all the people of our state, not a few who disagree with his decision to protect all the people. Evidently, she has lost no one from the COVID-19 virus or been in a room where doctors and nurses are trying to save lives who did not take the virus seriously. One man in this state has accepted that responsibility, and done a great job, despite those like Ms. Hanson, who put the mighty buck ahead of life. As the case and death toll continue to rise, when will the naysayers get it? This is not going away soon. We all need to respond to just how serious the fight is and listen to the one voice that is trying to protect those from themselves. One day, with everyone’s help, we can beat it, but not when we have someone supporting the enemy, as Ms. Hanson is attempting to do.

From a father of two doctors working on the front line.

Jim Jirele

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Albert Lea