Letter: What a big disappointment

Published 8:30 pm Friday, January 8, 2021

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Today (Jan. 6, 2021) we saw how fragile the U.S. democracy is as the culmination of months hearing that the 2020 election was stolen from the president and the people.  Even the eventual comment from him that they (the insurrectionists) go home was filed with more comments about the stolen election. The president refuses to believe/accept that this was probably the most secure election there has been due to all the attention it garnered — perfect? Of course not, everything human or machine made will have some error. Was the 2016 election any more accurate because the Electoral College favored this president? Not likely. However, that losing party lived up to the U.S. commitment/claim to being a country with peaceful transition of power. 

When President Obama was in office, numerous goals such as the Affordable Care Act were decried as socialism and that if he got a second term this would become a socialist country. There was virtually no recognition that much could be learned and possibly adapted to address needs in the country. I frequently heard that as a socialist country we would soon become another Venezuela, a most tragic development due to basically being stolen by a corrupt dictator. I don’t recall anyone referring to Finland in positive words until the Star Trib (as I remember) article involving a Finn who said that Obama was not a socialist because he (the Finn) was one.

The current administration claims to be the party of law and order. Demonstrations and numerous lawsuits with little or no factual support have raised question about the accuracy of that claim. The demonstration today in D.C. by thousands of white people waving U.S., presidential and Jesus banners; carrying guns; breaking glass and other destruction over running the Capitol caused me to wonder: What if people of other religions/color had descended in those numbers on the Capitol? How would that have been handled? 

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Some members, such as Mitch McConnell, delivered a poignant message to the combined chamber about how it was time to accept the will of the voters. Others, such as Ted Cruz, were lauded as they made a plea that the Constitutional process for transferring power should not take place. I continue to hear from a relative about improper handling of  ballots, most recently 200,000 ballots in Pennsylvania. In reply, is there is verifiable evidence, was it included in a court case there, what was the outcome, if it was not presented why not and why now? It appears that the incoming administration is faced with a very serious challenge repairing the host of conflicts within U.S. borders, trying to rebuild its reputation even among its allies, as well as guiding the distribution/administration of COVID vaccine. Can there be sufficient willingness/cooperation among the leaders and members of both parties to regain the attitude (some?) of years ago?

Darryl Meyer

Albert Lea