Letter: Why are the conservatives being smeared?

Published 8:30 pm Friday, January 29, 2021

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Thank you, Sarah, for the column regarding free speech and all voices matter. The left is smearing conservatives, trying to silence us so they can pass off their own twisted view to the American people as the truth.

Many on the left openly rooted for terrible things to happen to America as a way to get rid of President Trump. When they couldn’t win an argument — which was almost always — their only option was to silence, smear or banish their opponent. They said, “Shut up,” “You’re a bigot” or “Get out of here.”

Unfortunately, smearing conservatives with lies isn’t the only way they’re trying to silence us. Because they did not agree with Trump’s ads, neither CNN or NBC refused to run them. Some of his online posts deleted his messages.

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If the left shuts down our ability to reach out and talk directly to other Americans, how will we ever get our conservative message out? The left thoroughly dominates mainstream media in our country. They want to control what we can say, dictate what messages you and I see, and define who we are. It’s wrong; it’s un-American.

Melania Trump, in her first month as first lady, courageously stepped up to the microphone and led a large crowd in reciting the Lord’s Prayer. American TV host Stephen Colbert savagely mocked her. On one media outlet, the media cheered when both the former president and first lady contracted the coronavirus. Melania, a brave Christian woman, deserves our thanks and prayers.

Sept. 9, 2016, Hillary called millions of Americans “deplorable” Trump supporters as haters and bigots. Hillary’s corrupt use of her office raised funds from foreign governments and corporations and irresponsible handling of classified material on her email server, endangering U.S. security.

With Antifa, Black Lives Matter and the lunatic fringe literally rioting in the streets, what did Nancy Pelosi and Congressional Democrats do? They kneeled to honor them on June 16, 2020.

Once coronavirus hit, the left immediately went after places of worship — slamming their doors shut, while keeping abortion clinics, liquor stores and marijuana dispensaries open. Their rules and orders had nothing to do with health and safety.

All U.S. citizens are given a voice in government to protect our Constitutional freedom, integrity of our electoral system, our health, the unborn, religious freedoms and freedom of speech. On Jan. 6 in Washington, D.C., why weren’t we protected? Close to a million people were there for free speech, so why weren’t they well protected by the police and the National Guard? I was told by some who attended that there were very few police.

Joe Biden comes on national TV saying all who were in Washington, D.C., were terrorists. Really? Where’s the media? Free speech? Republicans would not put our National Guard in the basement. Pray for our nation.

Mavis Jacobs Hanson

Albert Lea