Area college students receive honors

Published 8:00 pm Tuesday, February 23, 2021

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Winona State University

Winona State University announced the dean’s list for fall semester 2020. To be named to the dean’s list, a student must be an undergraduate enrolled full-time (at least 12 credit hours for a grade) and achieve a minimum grade point average of 3.5.

The following local students were included:

Bryce Banton, Alden

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Bret Belshan, Glenville

Anna Bordewick, Albert Lea

Karlie Braun, Albert Lea

Mackenzie Breamer, Albert Lea

Katelyn Crabtree, Ellendale

Jayna Domeier, Ellendale

Kayla Gerber, Glenville

Caitlin Goette, Ellendale

Rachel Goette, Bricelyn

Jennifer Hanson, Albert Lea

Caleb Harpel, Ellendale

Taylor Jacobsen, Wells

Lydia Jacobusse, Clarks Grove

Emmablu Jameson, Hartland

Katelyn Nelson, Glenville

Lillie Nielsen, Hartland

ReAnn Peterson, Albert Lea

Annie Prigge, New Richland

Trinity Seedorf, Wells

Dylan Studier, Albert Lea

Summer Swensrud, Albert Lea

Tayla VonHagen, Albert Lea

Carly Weber, Wells

Ian Wildeman, Albert Lea


University of Mary

Monica Bute of Alden was among a record 999 students named to the 2020 fall semester dean’s list at the University of Mary in Bismarck. This number includes students in Mary’s undergraduate program and in adult education.

To qualify for the honor, traditional undergraduate students must earn a 3.50 or better grade-point average while carrying at least 12 credit hours.


Riverland Community College

Riverland Community College last week announced the students whose academic achievement placed them on the 2020 fall president’s and dean’s lists. Riverland congratulates these individuals for their outstanding academic accomplishments.

To be eligible for the president’s list, students must have completed 12 credits per semester with letter grades and have earned a grade-point average of 4.0 on a 4.0 scale.

To be eligible for the dean’s list students must have completed 12 credits per semester with letter grades and have earned a grade-point average of 3.25 to 3.99 on a 4.0 scale.

The following area students were recognized:

Albert Lea

Lilia Almazan, dean’s list

Eric Ambriz Gutierrez, president’s list

Parker Andersen, president’s list

Kristian Anderson, dean’s list

Sidney Bangert, president’s list

Jessica Bednar, dean’s list

Mariah Bennett, dean’s list

Dyna Ann Bolinger, dean’s list

Gracie Boyenga, dean’s list

Samantha Brumbaugh, president’s list

Bryan Burkham, dean’s list

Kristen Culbertson, dean’s list

Ethan Dahl, dean’s list

Santos Davila, dean’s list

Jessica Duerr, dean’s list

Grant Forman, dean’s list

Thomas Furland, dean’s list

Isabella Garcia, dean’s list

Franklin Graham, dean’s list

Shelby Hanson, dean’s list

Andrew Harte, dean’s list

Jose Hernandez, dean’s list

Rachael Holcomb, dean’s list

Bradley Horecka, president’s list

Amy Johnson, dean’s list

Lacey Karsjens, president’s list

Alysha Knudsen, president’s list

Zachary Larson, dean’s list

Susana Lopez, dean’s list

Nathan Lutgens, dean’s list

Daysha Luttrell, dean’s list

Adison Malakowsky, dean’s list

Kristopher Manges, president’s list

Elijah Marks, dean’s list

Tanner Meineke, dean’s list

Faith Miller, dean’s list

Johanna Moen, president’s list

Charlene Morris, dean’s list

Emma Morrison, dean’s list

Ryan Morrison, dean’s list

Madison Nelson, dean’s list

Robert Nordaas, dean’s list

Riley Olson, dean’s list

Heidi Pryor, dean’s list

Sydne Reichel, president’s list

Sage Rickert, president’s list

Turena Schultz, dean’s list

Coy Schumacher, dean’s list

Jamie Smith, president’s list

Drew Sorenson, dean’s list

Lacey Sorrell, dean’s list

Vayda Stadheim, president’s list

Lucy Stay, dean’s list

Will Steene, dean’s list

Pamela Tovar, president’s list

Vincent Trent, president’s list

Daisy Turrubiartes, dean’s list

Samantha Turrubiartes, dean’s list

Savanna Villerreal, dean’s list

Elizabeth Wasmoen, dean’s list

Macy Williams, dean’s list

Aung Win, dean’s list

Esther Yoon, president’s list


Alexcia Abrego, dean’s list

Ethan Greenfield, dean’s list

Ann Huper, dean’s list

Mason Johnson, dean’s list

Kylie Korman, dean’s list

Luther Langrud, dean’s list

Jenny Mulholland, president’s list

Ali-Jean Petersen, dean’s list

Hailey Schmidt, dean’s list

Autumn Soost, president’s list

Dugan Soost, dean’s list

Abigail Theusch, president’s list

Clarks Grove

Stacy Potz, dean’s list


Joel Michaud, dean’s list

Shayanne Sailor, dean’s list


Jacob Blatti, dean’s list

Isaac Borchert, dean’s list

Dylan Mosher, dean’s list

Logan Nelson, dean’s list

Gretchen Ramaker, president’s list

Makenzi Rhoades, dean’s list


Isaac Burgett, dean’s list

Shawn Dolsen, dean’s list

Carrie Warmka, president’s list


Anika Hansen, dean’s list


Madison Bartlett, dean’s list


Miranda Nicole Arkells, dean’s list

Dawson Dahlum, president’s list

Larissa Goslee, dean’s list

Brady Lair, president’s list

Tyler Lair, dean’s list

Daniel Mittag, dean’s list

Nallely Vazquez Perez, dean’s list

Shaun Willaby, dean’s list


Paula Hager, dean’s list


Brooke Maier, dean’s list


Tanner Darbo, dean’s list

Matthew Pryor, dean’s list

Tatiana Tate, dean’s list

Annika Veldman, president’s list


Sidney Hargis, dean’s list

Dylan Hemingsen, president’s list

Karrissa Shaver, dean’s list

Lake Mills

Ashley Alphs, dean’s list

Kenneth Larson, dean’s list

New Richland

Grace Cummins, dean’s list

Taytum Erickson, dean’s list

Jacob Naser, dean’s list

Aubrey Schlinger, president’s list


Ethan Thofson, dean’s list


McKenna Berg, dean’s list


Mason Buendorf, dean’s list

Galen Lenort, president’s list


Michael Buschman, dean’s list

Paige Diekmann, president’s list

Mallory Ignaszewski, dean’s list

Zachary Niebuhr, dean’s list

Hanna Wach, dean’s list

Becky Widman, dean’s list