Letter: People need the truth

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, February 23, 2021

A while back, Aaron Farris wrote an opinion that left me wondering where he gets his information. His parents? Lobbyists? Neighbors? Congressman Jim Hagedorn? 

He mentions that it has been researched and proven that a socialist health care system would severely restrict the amount of cures for gruesome diseases like cancer. A couple immediate thoughts here: One is that pharmaceuticals make more money by treating a disease to drag on someone’s life rather than to find a cure for a disease. Secondly, cancer, diabetics and other chronic diseases typically comes from the foods we eat. Please note studies have proven that the chemicals, fertilizers and spraying of pesticides causes much of the diseases that develop in our bodies. Whatever insurance you have isn’t going to make a difference. We typically are what we eat.

Much of the foods that we eat are loaded with chemicals and fertilizers to fatten up. Chickens quite often are pumped up to produce larger unhealthy eggs. This is another whole topic within agriculture that should be addressed that is controlled by filthy rich corporate America.

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Pharmaceuticals spend much money on marketing as opposed to research. Universities and Veterans Group do much more than pharmaceuticals ever will to improve your health. 

Farris touts the Republican Party for fiscal conservatism. He criticizes frivolous spending. When people say that, I’d like to know what it is. Don’t talk off the top of your head. No one wants frivolous spending regardless of party. When the last Republican Gov. Pawlenty left office, he left our state with a $6.2 billion debt. He literally took money from self-funded accounts within our state health care system, including mine when I was dispensing hearing aids. When he did that, I was forced to pay surcharge for 10 years to make up for what he took. Oh, it isn’t a tax, he says. 

Ex-President Trump touted that he would get rid of our national debt with his business expertise. Our debt rose significantly under his watch.  Trump has said recently that he’ll probably be sued for the rest of his life. Why? He doesn’t pay his bills. Doesn’t all his bankruptcies raise a red flag? There is a time and place for bankruptcies, not the way he uses it though. 

Texas is under fire these days due to their poorly run utility system. Back in the ’70s, Texas didn’t want to deal with federal regulation of their energy system; therefore, they went private. Regulations are designed to protect the consumer. Recently their deregulated system failed badly. Who did the Texas Republicans blame? Everyone but themselves. Now, Texas wants President Biden to bail them out — meaning your money.

Does a $1.5 trillion tax cut for billionaires where the rest of the people have to make up the difference make sense?  There has been five of these massive tax since President Regan — all of these under Republican leadership.   

I like it that people want to get involved. However we need the truth. Wouldn’t God want that?    

Paul Tuveson