Letter: Republicans and abortion

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, February 2, 2021

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In response to the letter to the editor on Jan. 20 titled “Work to build a culture where all life matters:” In this letter, a reference was made to one of my previous letters. It was that the Republicans care so much about a fetus but don’t want anything to do with paying for its birth, feed it or pay for its housing and upbringing. The writer compared it to someone saving someone’s life — should they then be responsible for all that victim’s bills for the rest of his life.   This is like comparing apples to oranges. These pro-lifers  come off with this holier than thou expression, and the only person they convince is themselves. This is obviously the mindset of someone who is a Trumpster.

This summer I went to a garage sale. The guy running the sale had the same mindset as the writer I just talked about. He went on and on about how he was so pro-life and how he was so concerned about unborn babies. I listened to him for about a half hour, and then I asked him what his decision would be if he took his wife to the doctor if she was six months pregnant and she was having problems. The doctor comes out after examining her and tells him that if they didn’t abort the baby he would lose his wife. I asked him what his decision would be. He knew it was a loaded question, so he lied about his answer. I then mentioned that his decision would be to take a chance on losing his baby and his wife, and he answered yes. I then told him that I was so glad he wasn’t married to my sister. He remained silent. These far-right Republicans always imply that they want to make abortions illegal. They never say who they want to hang when it happens, the doctor or the parents. I have the solution for them. It is to start a GoFundMe fund, get an office in the family planning center, pay for that baby’s birth and find a loving family to adopt that baby. I know they would never do this because Republicans don’t believe in any kind of welfare. Just so you know I am really bragging now. I didn’t vote for Trump.   

Wayne Thorson

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Albert Lea