Letter: Why has governor waited so long to reopen everything?

Published 8:30 pm Friday, February 19, 2021

We don’t have to accept this dangerous assault on free speech. Gov. Walz instituted the Stay Safe Minnesota order. This means more, but not all, businesses will begin opening slowly and safely returning to work. Most notably, restaurants, bars, hair salons, churches and others will remain closed.

Our businesses, churches and local government centers have been ready for weeks with their own stay safe plans that would protect their employees and customers with proper social distancing guidelines and more.

Why has the governor waited so long to begin opening these businesses and now still left more in the lurch unopened? These policies do not make sense.

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I can understand that Gov. Walz did not know much about the virus and we needed time to get our hospitals prepared. By Easter, it was clear that the great majority of Minnesota deaths were taking place in long-term care and assisted living facilities — more than 80%. At that time, our governor had — and still has — total control of our state. Iowa placed their patients with COVID-19 in hospitals. Why were patients not put into our local Mayo facility instead of nursing homes?

It’s between the liberal media, the Democrats’ extreme actions for power and control, a failed Minnesota governor refused to relinquish tyrannical powers and a weak President Joe Biden.

Gov. Walz could have stopped the rioting, looting and burning of Minneapolis by calling the National Guard. The Democrat Party has let Minnesota become a third-world dump site. Our churches should not have been locked down due to our Constitution and our rights to worship. Iowa reopened for indoor dining early in the pandemic, and the price of gas is cheaper. I’m tired of eating in the car. All the politicians can afford to have food sent to their house, and they say, “Do as I say, not as I do.” I’m tired of city officials having two jobs, while others are trying to keep their jobs, hire employees and pay taxes.

Upon reopening The Interchange, Lisa Hanson was supported by over 200 marchers. There was no looting, rioting or burning of our city. We just want our rights. Maybe Gov. Walz should have his protesters pay for any damage. Masks weren’t always worn or curfews honored, and crowds of people filled the streets in Minneapolis.

I personally would ask all citizens of both parties to fight against illegal immigration and sanctuary cities. Some of the illegals who are coming over the border are bringing drugs, diseases and do not respect our laws. Would the illegals get the vaccine first as the U.S. taxpayers pay for them? Say no to legalizing millions of illegal aliens. We have a million already so the Democrats will get their votes.

In the U.S. we have no dictators; we have choices to work, worship and freedom of speech. Albert Lea is a city of people giving. We need people working.

Mavis Jacobs Hanson

Albert Lea