My Point of View: County GOP is refueled, ready for more races

Published 8:45 pm Tuesday, February 16, 2021

My Point of View by Robert Hoffman

If the 2020 elections showed us anything, it was that the only easy thing about politics is getting involved. Almost everything after that is a crazy ride, but it’s an amazing thing to be a part of. So, ladies and gentleman, start your engines! We’ve got another race.

Robert Hoffman

In Freeborn County we’ve learned that after generations of outstanding GOP leadership the keys to continued success is the team you had, the team you have and the team you’re building. The same six people simply can’t run a county’s political organization year after year and expect success. We’ve got a fine-tuned machine running and room for more, hop in!

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In 2020 the Freeborn County Republicans did not lose a single race. If there was a candidate we supported, that candidate won in Freeborn County (state and national elections that did not win their race did receive the majority vote in Freeborn County.) This was because our southern Minnesota values are reflected in our organization. We utilized the leaders we had, have and are building into our leadership roles and team.

Now it’s 2022 (and that’s not a typo.) Like in any race the rearview mirror is smaller than the windshield for a reason. What we have behind us is very important (and worth celebrating), but what lies ahead is our ultimate goal. The Freeborn County GOP just put into place their new 2021-22 leadership teams including a new chair and board. The county GOP leadership roles are ready to be passed on. These leadership roles are being passed down by those now moving on to elected positions and to those ready to serve and surrounded with support by many of those who have served. 

It’s like passing down the keys to a favorite car and being asked to try and limit the scratches because we’ve got another long race ahead. We’re not a brand new team trying to figure everything out, not a rigid out-of-touch team thinking we know it all and it’s not a rebuilt car still working out all its kinks. Like I said it’s a fine-tuned machine — with a fresh tank of gas.

It is very easy to get involved with our Freeborn County GOP. We can always use as much help as anyone has time for, and anything is appreciated. Simply visit our website, Facebook page, Twitter account or Instagram, and reach out to us. We will let you know about upcoming events and make sure to invite you to join. We earned your votes in 2020 and need your continued and growing support for the 2022 and 2024 elections.

We were outspent 2-to-1 to as much as 5-to-1 in every race, but at the end of the elections, despite being outspent, we won. An easy way to help our Freeborn County Republicans is by participating in the once-a-year Political Contribution Refund (PCR.) It is as simple as donating $50, or $100 for a married couple, to the Freeborn County Republicans and being mailed a refund by the state of Minnesota equal to your donation. These donations help tremendously. It is a rare opportunity to get to choose where $50 of your taxes actually go.

Passing on the keys: Brad Edwin is our outgoing Freeborn County chairman and I had the honor of serving under Brad as his vice chairman during the 2020 elections. Brad and his wife are small business owners like my wife and I, and we look forward to working very hard and doing our best for our community as they do. Their work ethic and their love for country and community is inspiring. Brad was a fantastic GOP chairman.

My first job ever was as a paperboy in Albert Lea in late grade school for the Columbus Avenue and Hawthorne Street neighborhoods, but when I turned 15 I was hired as a bag boy at Nelson’s County Market. Brad Edwin was actually my first manager, and I still have lifelong friends I met working at County Market. It was honestly no less intimidating working for Brad as his GOP vice chair during the 2020 elections as it was interviewing with him 30 years ago. Brad helps you find the best in you and makes you bring it to the team. Both of these experiences working with Brad made me a better man. Brad was just elected as a Freeborn County commissioner and our county will be better because of him also. Thank you for everything, Brad!

There will be a new Freeborn County GOP board in place this week and a lot of chances to participate soon. There are very interesting races ahead in 2022 in Minnesota, and we’re ready for the excitement. Visit the Freeborn County Republicans’ website or Facebook page for contact information and the list of the new GOP board members.

Robert Hoffman is a member of the Freeborn County GOP Party.