DIY: Upcycled boho container

Published 3:15 pm Wednesday, March 3, 2021

DIY by Angela Moller

Boho style is all about natural materials, whimsical touches and bold colors paired with fresh neutrals. It’s simple to upcycle any container into a boho style accent piece that adds texture and interest. Choose a vase from your cabinet or a jar, can or box from your recycling bin, and let your creativity flow.


What you will need:

Jute, twine, sisal rope or chunky yarn

Embroidery floss

Container of your choice

Hot glue gun




1. Starting from the bottom, wrap rope or yarn around container, dotting with hot glue as you go. A double layer around the top completes the look.


2. Create tassels by wrapping a length of embroidery floss around two or three fingers about a dozen times.


3. Tie a knot of additional embroidery floss around the looped section, about one-third of the way down.


4. Snip the bottoms section of the looped floss to create the tassels, trimming any uneven edges.


5. Thread completed tassels onto another piece of embroidery floss or yarn and wrap around container, securing with hot glue.


6. Fill your completed container with faux greenery, fresh flowers, pens, makeup brushes, etc., and enjoy!

Angela Moller is a local designer who owns and operates The Homestead Boutique with her husband, Matt, a professional craftsman. Moller loves creating beautiful things using a variety of medium, including wood, paint, fabric, paper and florals. You can find their work at The Homestead Boutique at 415 E. William St. in Albert Lea and online at