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Letter: How have people treated the earth?

We’re coming to a time now where many churches will gather to celebrate historic events that took place in Biblical times. Many of these churches will use readings that will include the creation story.  The church that I attend is one of those that includes Old Testament readings through song, skit and word that varies from year to year in presentation. 

I value this service as it is a reminder to me that God created an earth — an earth without flaws, pristine clean rivers, lakes and oceans. Water that was so clear you could see the bottom and drink from it without fear. Air that you could breathe without worrying about getting ill no matter where you live. Land that was free of chemicals and sludge that wouldn’t interfere with the foods you consumed. 

So what did we do with this gift from God? We’ve clearly gone down the path of destruction meaning profits over the environment. Somehow we’ve forgotten in a short amount of time that we’re put here on earth for a short time. There has to be a reason why we’re here so short based on what can be in store for those who reached the heavens. 

For starters, schools continue to serve food that is linked to developmental disabilities and neurological disorders. This is link to the pesticide Chlorpyrifos that was banned by the EPA for home use nearly two decades ago. Unfortunately Big Ag still sprays 10 million pounds of this chemical on food crops. This is only the beginning as to what is on your fruits and vegetables that you buy at the store.

Enbridge pipelines are responsible for more than 1,000 spills. Despite massive efforts to clean it up, over 160,000 gallons of oil still remain in waterways. Pipeline expansion in Minnesota will only add to it. It is a line that will cause disastrous damage where the disadvantages will soundly outweigh the advantages in the end. 

Manufacturers all over the world continue not to admit that they have caused serious dumping along with contaminating much land and water.  Many landfills have been covered up, buried and leaking — many of these near lakes and rivers.

Here in Minnesota we continue to have a serious lead problem in our waters. There has been legislation introduced that would eventually ban the use of lead in your tackle. Unfortunately there is pushback over protecting our environment with continued weak excuses.

These small bits of lead that have been accumulating for years on lake bottoms are poisoning, where it is killing bald eagles, loons, swans, fish and other wildlife. Many of these fish end up on your plate. Proven cancer for wildlife. Cancer for you as well?   

All of this is only a fraction as to our behavior regarding our treatment of the earth. This is our response back to God.  When you learn the truth, what are you going to do about it?  Think about it during the upcoming Holy Days when you worship.    

Paul Tuveson