Letter: How much has already changed

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, March 2, 2021

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It has been a little over a month for Joe Biden and his radical liberal cronies to mess up the U.S. great Trump policies to promote freedom, and U.S. growth has been ended often by executive decree.

1. 10,000-plus jobs on the Keystone Pipeline — gone.

2. Chaos on the U.S. borders instead of legal entrance with full private sponsors to cover all migrant costs — medical, food, shelter, etc. We have a growing mess. Your taxes pay for.

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3. We have an end to border fence building and plans to ensure only qualified needed workers are admitted.

4. In December 2020, I often payed $1.79 a gallon for gas (especially in Iowa.) Feb. 25 I saw $2.79 a gallon at Interstate 90 and Highway 13. A mess of U.S. energy plans and needs. Energy prices will grow.

5. Plans to force guys on girls’ teams and other plans would cause government interference with religion.

6. No plans to fight big government spending and inflation.

7. More schemes to buy votes with government spending.

8. More plans to promote federal government interference with states’ efforts to have more secure voting plans.

9. Plans to forgive student loans although not all go to college and many have paid their loans.

10. Subverting equality for all by prompting their view of equity and favored group plans.

11. Growing federal government debt that will hurt the young the most.

We need new majorities in Congress in 2022 and new generation leaders like Tom Cotton for president in 2024.


Tom Schleck

Albert Lea