Letter: Make refundable contributions to local parties

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, March 16, 2021

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I think that like me most voters share a disgust for big money in politics. How can we trust our elected leaders to represent our interests if they rely on the money they get from rich people or corporations?

Minnesota has always been a leader in good government and clean elections. For the past 10 years, Minnesota has had in place the Political Contribution Refund program.  Here’s how it works: When a Minnesota citizen makes a contribution of up to $50 ($100 for a married couple) to a candidate or to a local party (both political parties can do this), he or she can get that money back. So, for example, if a citizen writes a check to the local Freeborn County party, the party treasurer will send a receipt and a short form to the donor. The donor then sends the receipt and completed form to the St. Paul address on the form, and within weeks the donor will get his money back. 

Parties use these donations to buy yard signs, pay dues, pay for units in the July Fourth parade, rent a booth at the fair, rent a headquarters, help local candidates, and so on. 

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Recently, our party sent out letters to supporters asking them to support democracy and clean elections by making this refundable contribution to our party. I want to assure people that this effort is easy, and they will get their money back in just a few weeks. We thank those who have already given for their support. If you have further questions, or if have lost the letter or need an address, please call 377-2853 and leave a message.

Julie Ackland


Freeborn County DFL Party