Letter: Texas has many problems

Published 8:30 pm Friday, March 5, 2021

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It’s disturbing to turn on the TV and see Schumer saying, “I hope Texas learned a lesson.” One week later he continued, “Texas is paying the price.” I have relatives living in Texas. Both Democrats and Republicans live in Texas. Due to weather conditions not seen in over nearly a century, the cold weather and snow that froze the wind mills (thanks to the Green Deal), I would call this a disaster, such as the California fires and the New Orleans Hurricane Katrina. When President Bush got word of the disaster, he immediately flew over the city. Shouldn’t all states receive the same attention? I, as a truck driver, took water from New Orleans to Des Moines when there was flooding in Iowa.

Texas has an additional problem. Thousands of illegals are making a mad dash for the border. They know the Biden administration is promising a lifetime of government handouts and all rights that American citizens enjoy.

Do you want your hard-earned tax dollars used to provide free services to individuals who come across our border illegally?

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I can’t believe our government would hand out Social Security benefits to illegal aliens. And now they tell us they want to take a billion dollars from Social Security and pay it to non-U.S. citizens? They are coming to take your jobs, your tax dollars and public services — to overwhelm and overcrowd hospitals, schools and prisons and to replace your vote at the ballot box with one that will elect “America-last” politicians for a generation to come. Where’s the media on this? Free speech? Thousands are pressing our border.

Do you want your community “fundamentally transformed” into a place that feels more like a foreign country than your hometown? Entire cities and states where certain individuals are exempt from the law?

I would like freedom, limited government, lower taxes, the reestablishment for fair and honest elections, the preservation of American history and values and all other rock-solid conservative values you and I share for our children and grandchildren.

Perhaps President Biden should donate his salary to the unemployed pipeline workers.

Mavis Jacobs

Albert Lea