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Letter: Thanks to those caring enough to wear masks

From myself and my two kids who are doctors fighting for the lives of people who did not wear masks, I thank you for those caring enough to wear a mask. For those who are stupid enough to believe they are not hurting anyone, if you talk, cough or sneeze, you are going to contribute to another’s illness or possible death. Those I encountered today at Walmart, I wish you a happy illness. I am not the crazy one, you are! To those who listened, thank you. To those who are breaking the laws, it is too bad we cannot have you arrested as we do speeders or other lawbreakers. A personal choice does not mean endangering others. We can beat COVID-19 by all working together. Wearing a mask for a few minutes of your life may save yours and others, even someone close to you! I know there is no cure for the sickness, so lots of luck to those who are affected by it, but stay out of the public.

A caring father and grandfather,

Jim Jirele

Albert Lea